Paw Points

Dog Wash Rewards Program


Starting May 1st we will be discontinuing our Paw Points program.  We have had increased costs from the paw points provider and want a easier way to reward all of our customers, even those that are unable to download our app.

We will be providing multiple opportunities throughout the year for all of our customers to receive savings, and we also want to focus our energy on other ways to give back to the pet community (like our Hero Week, Random Acts of Bubbly and other special offers). Points will still be given out  on our mobile app (1 per visit when you show us the app) until May 1st and points can be redeemed through the end of June.

Like many small businesses, we are forced to make tough decision, and we thank you for understanding.  Make sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming special offers and promotions.


Anytime you visit Bubbly Paws you will receive 1 Paw Point on our mobile app card (maximum 1 punch per day). After 5 visits you will receive 15% off your next visit (up to a discount of $25).  You will need to register for the program on our Paw Points mobile app.  Click Here to sign up and install the mobile app.  Our Paw Points program has gone 100% digital so you don’t need to carry those annoying punch cards around with you.