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0C4A4629-copyIt’s no secret that Bubbly Paws employees LOVE their coffee!  This week, we gave Mallory, our dog groomer at our Saint Paul store the tough task of finding the “Best Pumpkin Spice Latte” on Grand Ave.  We know there are lots of coffee options on Grand Ave, so we tried the locations within 3 blocks of our store.  Here are Mallory’s results…


Starbucks – It was ok, a little too spicy and not enough pumpkin flavor.

Caribou – Good pumpkin flavor but a little too sweet.

Chez Arnoud – It was just right… The perfect mix of pumpkin and spice… Just like a pumpkin pie!

Bread and Chocolate – Does not have a Pumpkin Spice Latte ;(

As the Pumpkin Spice Latte season continues, we will update this list as Mallory gets her coffee fixxxxxxxxxx!!



hero header

Heroes come in all sizes. I like to think all the people in the dog community in the Twin Cities are heroes that work to make our home the best dog loving place around. We are taking time in September to remember some bigger heroes that serve near and far. Starting September 6th we are doing Hero Week at Bubbly Paws. Current armed forces, veterans, police officers and firefighters will receive half-price baths through September 14th. In addition everyone who brings their dog in the week of September 6th to 14th, whether for self or full service, we will donate $5 from their bath or grooming to one of two local groups that support our Heroes: Pets Loyal 2 Vets a non-profit that connects military veterans with highly trained companion and therapy dogs in Minnesota at no cost to them and Police K9 Invest Project that raises funds for Minnesota Police K9 Units to purchase protective vests and equipment for our canine officers. At no extra cost to you we will give you the option to give $5 from your service to one of the two organizations. If you can’t choose which organization you’d like your donation to go to you can even have it split between both. Remember the more dogs that come in for baths and grooming the more we can raise for these great causes!

Brigitte at a recent drill for the MN Army National Guard

Brigitte at a recent drill for the MN Army National Guard

You might recognize Brigitte from visits to either of our Bubbly Paws locations but you probably don’t know about her service. Brigitte is in the Minnesota Army National Guard and she has been serving for 7 years. She chose to join after high school to find what direction she wanted to go in her career path and gain life experience both inside and outside her military service. I want to take a minute to thank her and all our service members keeping our community safe near and far from home.
Please come in to Bubbly Paws between September 6th and 14th and show your support for our Heroes!

Hero Week at Bubbly Paws

We LOVE our nations hero’s and have dedicated a week to thank them for their service, while raising money for 2 local groups that support those that put their lives on the line for us everyday!!

Join us from September 6th-14th at both our Twin Cities locations.  During this week, Bubbly Paws will donate $5 from every self service bath or grooming to one of the following groups (you get to pick which one):

Police K9 Invest Project – This organization raises funds for Minnesota Police Canine Units for purchase of protective vests and equipment for the vests for the dogs.

Pets Loyal 2 Vets – This non-profit organization connects Military Veterans treated for PTSD, TBI & physical assault traumas with highly trained companion & therapy dogs in Minnesota at no cost.
In addition to the donations Bubbly Paws will be making to these local groups, any member of the armed forces, police, fire or veterans receive 1/2 price self service baths.

All of this is our way of saying THANKS for everything you do!!


Todd Walker from FOX 9 stopped out to our Saint Paul dog wash to promote Paws on Grand.


Paws on Grand / Bubbly Paws/ FOX 9 – 9am from keithppp on Vimeo.

Flexi Leash law in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Park and Rec Board has started a campaign to educate on the dangers of Flexi Leashes.

Every now and then we have a customer ask “Why don’t you carry Flexi or retractable leashes at Bubbly Paws?”.  We don’t carry these types of leashes for many reasons; one of which is that I have seen too many injuries and incidents related to these types of leashes.

If you do use a Flexi Leash, please make sure to lock the leash at about 3 feet long when stopping into Bubbly Paws or other businesses to make sure your dog is easily controlled.  Most cities including Minneapolis, Edina, Saint Paul, and Bloomington all have regulations saying the leash can’t be longer than 6 feet.  Just because your dog is friendly to other dogs and loves to run up and greet them, does not all dogs enjoy dogs running up to them.  Always ask dog owners first before the dog runs up.  Also, be very careful of getting burned by the Flexi Leash, I have a leash burn on my leg from a dog that was running into our doggy daycare on an unlocked leash.  If you are looking for some great alternatives to flexi leashes, we have some great selections at Bubbly Paws.  Do a quick image search on Google for “Flexi Leash Injury” and you will see the possible harm that can come to humans and dogs from these leashes.  Below is a great article from the Dogginton Post about the Dangers of Flexi Leashes and how to use them responsibly.


Flexi Leash DangersOne of the most popular devices used to restrain dogs when taking them out for a walk is the retractable leash. Many owners, however, wonder if such a leash is appropriate or even safe to use. Well, the answer generally depends on a person’s reason for using the device. While there are several ways to utilize the retractable leash properly, it is important to remember that they also pose some danger to you and your dog if not used correctly.

Before using a retractable leash, make certain you’ve got one that’s strong enough to handle your dog. Dogs that have a tendency to bolt or take off running after perceived prey should never be restrained with a retractable leash. Aside from those dangers, there are other things to keep in mind when using one of these popular leashes.

What You Need to Watch Out For

· Prickling leash burns. Retractable leashes, especially the thin string variety, can very easily cause leash burns. This could happen when you let your pooch race past you with the retractable line zipped up across your bare skin. Unwarranted injuries, however, can be prevented if you try the flat, tape style retractable leash.
· Entanglement or strangulation. Not only can retractable leashes burn us, they can also get twisted around a dog’s neck or legs. Worse, if your pooch panics and jerks the moment they get hog-tied; it could cause the leash to pull even tighter. Although you can loosen the cords that have wrapped around his neck, the situation could quickly become life-threatening.
· Fatal accidents. There are times when our dogs dart away all of a sudden, and with a retractable leash on him, your dog might dart even farther, faster. Nevertheless, it’s the reeling that’s a serious issue here. It is possible that Fido may spot a squirrel or anything interesting across the street, and suddenly take off after it. If you’re not alert enough, his abrupt behavior and an un-sturdy retractable leash could put him smack on the road, right in front of a speeding car.

Other Things You Would Never Want to Happen

· The leash drops. Because these leashes rarely have a wrist strap and are sometimes heavy and bulky, dropping them is a regular occurrence. What’s worse, if you drop the handle, the lack of tension can send the heavy handle hurdling toward your dog. Not only could the heavy leash handle smack your dog in the head, if your dog is spooked by the leash handle zipping deafeningly toward him, he may take off running.
· The cord is grabbed. If you grab the cord/tape while it is being pulled from the handle, you might suffer from immediate injury like cuts and burns.
· The cord wraps around you. Poor handling can also cause the cord/tape to twist around you or someone else’s fingers resulting in deep wounds, or worse, amputation.
· The collar breaks or comes off your dog. The moment this occurs, the leash could retract at top speed while the other end of the line whips around at the same full momentum leading to serious injuries to face, teeth, and eyes.



Paws on Grand - Saint Paul,mn Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Spa is excited to present Paws on Grand on Sunday, August 3rd from 11am-4pm on Grand Ave in Saint Paul.  Walk down historic Grand Ave with your pooch for lots of fun activities to benefit The Pet Project.  While you are at this awesome event, make sure to stop out at Bubbly Paws, we have teamed up with Hero Mutts and Modern Life Photo for a dogtastic photo booth and so much more.  $5 from every self-service bath during Paws on Grand will be donated to The Pet Project.  For more information on Paws on Grand, click here.





Dogs that are large and fluffy like Elpha may take more than an hour to wash!

Dogs that are large and fluffy like Elpha may take more than an hour to wash!

At Bubbly Paws I want customers to get the most out of every visit. In particular for our self-service baths we really want to provide the right environment and materials so you can give your dog a thorough bath. You may know that we ask people doing self-service to come in at least an hour before we close and we do that as part of making sure everyone can get their dog squeaky clean.

When new people come in they sometimes ask if we have a time limit or how long it will take to bathe their dog. We never have a time limit and some dogs take longer than others but I recommend allowing an hour to bathe your dog. This gives you the time you need to brush out your dog before the bath if needed, get them nice and soapy, rinse clean, condition if you’d like and rinse again. You also have plenty of time to dry your dog, clean their ears, brush their teeth and give them a cologne spritz as well. If you need a nail trim or a little advice from our staff we can have the time to help you too. Making sure to use enough shampoo and then rinse it out completely ensures you get your dog really clean and can take a while. So remember to give yourself enough time and make the most out of every trip to our spa!

Last call for self-service baths is 5pm on weekends and 7pm on weekdays. We hope to see you and your pooch soon!

bp-pride Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws Dog Wash are excited to take part in the 2014 Twin Cities Pride Festival. Make sure to stop over to our booth for lots of pride related fun including some cool decorating of your pooch (details very soon)!

Pampered Pooch Playground is one of the founding members of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association who will be sponsoring the Doggy Drag Show which is hosted by Falen from the Dave Ryan Morning Show on 101.3 KDWB.

The entire Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association (Downtown Dogs, Dog Days, Dog Day Getaway, Camp Bow Wow – Burnsville and Pampered Pooch Playground) will be collaborating with Twin Cities Pride for this outrageously fun event!

The Doggy Drag Show takes place in the Pet Central Section, conveniently located across from the Beer Garden. Come join the fun at 3:00 PM on Saturday, June 29th. Registration is day of and will open at 10:00 AM. Entries limited to first 20 registrants.

All participants get a ribbon. For Best in Show, Best Male Cross Dresser, Best Female Cross Dresser there will be amazing prize baskets for the winners!

Just go to a thrift store and let your fun and creativity flow! Thrift stores have wigs, neck ties, nighties and more.

The show is in the Pet Central Green Space. Look for the table and the sign.

dog drag show at minneapolis pride


Keenser and Frank are happy to know that our treats are safe (and delicious)!

Keenser and Frank are happy to know that our treats are safe (and delicious)!

There have been reports of toxic dog treats making dogs sick for quite a while. The FDA reports that more than 1,000 dog deaths have been linked to jerky treats made in China. Here at Bubbly Paws we want everyone to be safe and NEVER carry any treats made in China. We try and source all our treats from companies that make them in the USA. We take the time to try all the treats to make sure our pups love them before they hit the shelves. We do have a few bully treats made from grass-fed beef that are produced in South America but we are always vigilant to provide the best and safest (and yummiest!) treats we can find.

If you have questions or concerns about any of our treats please send me an email at

WCCO-TV stopped out to Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Dog Spa to talk about the self-service dog wash business.

5am Segment

6am Segment