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Paws on Grand - Saint Paul,mn Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Spa is excited to present Paws on Grand on Sunday, August 3rd from 11am-4pm on Grand Ave in Saint Paul.  Walk down historic Grand Ave with your pooch for lots of fun activities to benefit The Pet Project.  While you are at this awesome event, make sure to stop out at Bubbly Paws, we have teamed up with Hero Mutts and Modern Life Photo for a dogtastic photo booth and so much more.  $5 from every self-service bath during Paws on Grand will be donated to The Pet Project.  For more information on Paws on Grand, click here.





Dogs that are large and fluffy like Elpha may take more than an hour to wash!

Dogs that are large and fluffy like Elpha may take more than an hour to wash!

At Bubbly Paws I want customers to get the most out of every visit. In particular for our self-service baths we really want to provide the right environment and materials so you can give your dog a thorough bath. You may know that we ask people doing self-service to come in at least an hour before we close and we do that as part of making sure everyone can get their dog squeaky clean.

When new people come in they sometimes ask if we have a time limit or how long it will take to bathe their dog. We never have a time limit and some dogs take longer than others but I recommend allowing an hour to bathe your dog. This gives you the time you need to brush out your dog before the bath if needed, get them nice and soapy, rinse clean, condition if you’d like and rinse again. You also have plenty of time to dry your dog, clean their ears, brush their teeth and give them a cologne spritz as well. If you need a nail trim or a little advice from our staff we can have the time to help you too. Making sure to use enough shampoo and then rinse it out completely ensures you get your dog really clean and can take a while. So remember to give yourself enough time and make the most out of every trip to our spa!

Last call for self-service baths is 5pm on weekends and 7pm on weekdays. We hope to see you and your pooch soon!

bp-pride Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws Dog Wash are excited to take part in the 2014 Twin Cities Pride Festival. Make sure to stop over to our booth for lots of pride related fun including some cool decorating of your pooch (details very soon)!

Pampered Pooch Playground is one of the founding members of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association who will be sponsoring the Doggy Drag Show which is hosted by Falen from the Dave Ryan Morning Show on 101.3 KDWB.

The entire Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association (Downtown Dogs, Dog Days, Dog Day Getaway, Camp Bow Wow – Burnsville and Pampered Pooch Playground) will be collaborating with Twin Cities Pride for this outrageously fun event!

The Doggy Drag Show takes place in the Pet Central Section, conveniently located across from the Beer Garden. Come join the fun at 3:00 PM on Saturday, June 29th. Registration is day of and will open at 10:00 AM. Entries limited to first 20 registrants.

All participants get a ribbon. For Best in Show, Best Male Cross Dresser, Best Female Cross Dresser there will be amazing prize baskets for the winners!

Just go to a thrift store and let your fun and creativity flow! Thrift stores have wigs, neck ties, nighties and more.

The show is in the Pet Central Green Space. Look for the table and the sign.

dog drag show at minneapolis pride


Keenser and Frank are happy to know that our treats are safe (and delicious)!

Keenser and Frank are happy to know that our treats are safe (and delicious)!

There have been reports of toxic dog treats making dogs sick for quite a while. The FDA reports that more than 1,000 dog deaths have been linked to jerky treats made in China. Here at Bubbly Paws we want everyone to be safe and NEVER carry any treats made in China. We try and source all our treats from companies that make them in the USA. We take the time to try all the treats to make sure our pups love them before they hit the shelves. We do have a few bully treats made from grass-fed beef that are produced in South America but we are always vigilant to provide the best and safest (and yummiest!) treats we can find.

If you have questions or concerns about any of our treats please send me an email at

WCCO-TV stopped out to Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Dog Spa to talk about the self-service dog wash business.

5am Segment

6am Segment

Coco has been a regular at Bubbly Paws since she was a tiny puppy. When she was ready for her first big grooming she was calm and comfortable allowing Mallory to give her a great cut!

Coco has been a regular grooming customer at Bubbly Paws since she was a tiny puppy. When she was ready for her first big grooming she was calm and comfortable allowing Mallory to give her a great cut!

Every dog needs to be groomed, at least a little. We love seeing new puppies (who doesn’t?) but it is even better to see young dogs get regular nail trims and baths so they start a lifetime of grooming on the right paw. I often get asked when you should first get your dog groomed and the simplest answer is soon after they have their vaccinations up to date enough to make other trips in public, usually around 10 weeks old. Many dogs do not require regular grooming so as long as bath time and nail trims are done in a positive way a few times during their puppyhood they grow up being calm and comfortable with normal healthy grooming chores. However, if you have a breed that requires grooming it takes a little more planning to make sure your puppy has the best chance at being positively accustomed to grooming.

Breeds that require grooming are anything non-shed, hypoallergenic breeds from Bichons to the biggest doodles. These breeds need to be groomed on a regular schedule for their whole lives. Bubbly Paws offers a great deal with our Puppy Package, for puppies’ first groom before they are 6 months old. We offer such a great deal because we believe grooming should be a low stress and fun activity for your dog and the best way to do that is to start early and make the first grooming a good one. In the Puppy Package we get all the good healthy necessities done, like a bath and nail trim and hope to get some more trimming done but we play it by ear. If the puppy is doing great maybe we’ll get an all-over haircut done but if the puppy is stressed or too wiggly we focus on using positive reinforcement on calm behaviors and offer breaks for play time and to let out some energy before getting back to business.

Puppy coat is so soft and lovely, it’s hard to see it go when they start growing up. You may want to keep your Wheaten terrier’s puppy coat until they are 9 months old but it might not be the best thing for your dog. Unless you are brushing your dog thoroughly everyday that puppy coat will matt when the adult coat starts coming in. Nothing is more stressful for your dog and our groomers then having to shave down a matted dog that has never been groomed before and that has all the energy a 9 month to year old dog might have. It’s much better to plan regular grooming (even just a bath and brush out or a little trim) every month or two and part of everyday to brush your dog. By preventing tangled fur you can prevent your dog from having to be shaved and keep that soft puppy fluff as long as possible.

Shadow had his puppy's first groom at 4 months old and was so well-behaved Jessica was able to give him an all over trim!

Shadow had his puppy’s first groom at 4 months old and was so well-behaved Jessica was able to give him an all over trim!

We work hard everyday to make grooming fun and we (and your puppy) hope you do too!  Grooming is offered daily at both our locations.

Minneapolis Dog WashWe want to thank all of our wonderful customers for 3 years of business and voting us “Best Groomer” and “Best Customer Service” at our Excelsior and Grand location in St Louis Park.  Join us this Saturday from 10-6 for a special celebration!

We will have refreshments, custom cupcakes from Sweet Retreat (while they last), and treats for our 4 legged friends!  Anyone that stops in will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Bubbly Paws (if you can’t make it in, make sure to visit our Facebook Page on Saturday for another chance to win).

All our retail items will be 15% off this Saturday!

Thanks for helping us to become the premier dog spa in the Twin Cities, we could never have achieved this without our great customers!!

(This event is only taking place at our St Louis Park location!  We will do something special for our 1 year anniversary for our St Paul store in August).

blog13Now through Sunday, April 20th, we are searching for the muddiest dogs in the Twin Cities.  Simply upload a picture of your dirty dog to our Facebook fan page, or use #bubblypaws on Instagram.  We will pick one lucky dog to win the grand prize: a free self service bath at Bubbly Paws and a photo shoot with Eva Noth Photography!  This prize package has a value of $250!

And now… The rules

- The Bubbly Paws staff will be judging the pictures and looking for the dirtiest dogs in the Twin Cities.  Have fun and get creative, we know there are lots of dirty dogs out there!  Extra points are given if your dog is at Bubbly Paws, heck we will even take the picture for you on your phone!

- Photos must be uploaded to the Bubbly Paws Facebook Page or use #bubblypaws on Instagram.

- The photo has to have been taken this spring.

- You must be a resident of the Twin Cities.

- One entry per person.

- We might re-post the entries that have been submitted, or your pooch might be used for promotional purposes by Bubbly Paws or Eva Noth Photography.

- Decision of the Bubbly Paws judges is final.

Don't let these creeps make a meal out of your pooch!

Don’t let these creeps make a meal out of your pooch!

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of winter. I don’t like the cold, snow, ice or any of it except that we get a break from the pesky insects Minnesota is known for. It may not feel like spring is really here yet, but the temperatures have warmed up enough that it is time to prepare for flea and tick season. The increased temperatures mean all the creepy crawlies are coming back and it’s better to be ahead of the game. Fleas can cause skin irritation, flea dermatitis and spread tapeworms in addition to being a major discomfort to you and your pet.   Ticks can spread over a dozen diseases and can also cause infection at the bite site. Like most health and wellness concerns for our pets (and us) prevention is the best medicine. There are so many great preventatives on the market. Talk to your vet to find the best option for your dog and start it when they recommend (usually April or May in Minnesota though some vets recommend using a parasite preventative year round).

These are the types of ticks you may find on your dog.

These are the types of ticks you may find on your dog.

Once your dog is on flea and tick preventative medicine check regularly as your pet can pick up pests before they are killed. Fleas can be caught from wild animals or eggs laid in the environment (even your backyard). Ticks are often found in long grass and wooded areas, although I know many dogs that have picked them up at local dog parks. Regular bathing and grooming your dog is a great way to get a look through their coat for any unwelcome pests.

The life cycle of the common dog and cat flea.

The life cycle of the common dog and cat flea.

Bubbly Paws is a flea and tick free zone so make sure you are covered before coming in. If we find fleas on your dog we will ask that you take your dog home ASAP. If there is a tick on your dog let us know and a Bubbly Paws team member can remove it, dispose of it properly and clean the bite area. Stay protected with good prevention and enjoy a summer free of worry about pests on your pet!

Saint Paul dog wash and Grooming

Family spa day at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash!

Today I was working at our Saint Louis Park dog wash and had a great conversation with a new customer while she was washing her dog.  She was amazed that a dog wash could look so beautiful and not be a franchise.  I told her how we are not fans of franchises and how Trycia and I really like to be hands on and work at both our locations.  After a few minutes of talking she asked if we had weekday discounts… I told her that very rarely do we ever offer discounts because we want each customer to have the exact same experience at bubbly paws.  Think about the last time you flew, each person on that plane paid a different price for the exact same flight.  That annoys me!  Compare that to the dog wash, because someone comes in on a Tuesday, should they save $5 on a bath?  What makes Tuesday a better day to come in than any other day of the week?  What about the people that work during the week and can’t make it in?  To offer these discounts, that means that other customers have to pay more for the baths.  To me, this does not seem fair.  I also feel that offering discounts all the time really cheapens our business and undervalues our services and location.  After explaining our way of thinking, our customer really understood why we do it this way.  I did point out that we have our Paw Points program where you can earn 15% off after 5 visits.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts we love talking to cusotmers and being hands on business owners.  Just because we have 2 Bubbly Paws locations does not mean we will be stuck behind a desk looking at Microsoft Excel spreadsheets all day long (that is why we have an accountant).  If you ever have questions, just ask myself our one of our wonderful staff members, or click here to contact us!

Have a great night!